I’m finally doing it!!
I’m so excited about my upcoming trip to the Gigantic Gem Shows in Quartzsite and Tucson. And I do mean Shows plural. If you do not yet know about it, and this is my pre-trip understanding, it is a convergence of many shows all taking place over a couple of months and many at the same time.
Although I have wanted to go to these shows for a while I have always been a little (a lot) intimidated. It sounds so overwhelming because there are so many venders from all over the world that they rent all the hotel and motel rooms to sell their wares out of. I don’t know about you but I get overwhelmed when I have too many choices for bathroom tissue at the grocery store. But… bravery always blossoms when you have a couple of conspirators to bolster your wimpy heart. So no matter what may come and I hope it’s a boat load of awesome rock, it will be a fun road trip with friends and although this girl’s best friend is NOT diamonds… I will definitely take Opals and labradorite and moonstone and rubies and garnets and tanzanite and lapis and topaz and …..and I am quite sure there will be stuff I didn’t even know I really wanted!
Over the last couple of years I have been trying my hand at lapidary work and building up my equipment so I am going to be looking for precious gems in the rough as well as finished stones. Wish me luck!