Well here goes … my first blog!
For some unknown reason I really want to do this but I am pretty nervous. You will be the judge of just how well (or not) I do.
They say… just talk about anything… ok, I’m startin’ with Hawaii! We just got back a couple of days ago so the amazing images are still floating around in my head. I realize I get so much creative inspiration from nature whether it’s organic textures or magnificent creatures large or small. If you check out my website you will see a definite influence from both.
In Hawaii what I always hope to see are the Humpback Whales and

the Sea Turtles and on this trip we had both amazing experiences. We went out Kayaking with a great guide named Jake (Hands On Adventures), to start with he took us out a distance in the ocean, he showed us if you’re quiet and put one end of the paddle in the water and hold the other end to your ear you can hear the whales singing, (FYI, also if you hold your breath while snorkeling or scuba diving). This alone can make your heart leap. The water was so crystal clear even further out you can see so far down into the water … and then the most incredible thing happened as we were quietly listening we looked down straight below us and there we saw a huge whale being perfectly still and holding himself vertically! OMG I was wondering if it was going to shoot right up out of the water in front of us! I guess he thought better of that idea and after a few amazing seconds he just drifted off and came up a distance from us. Better then a picture …forever in my head, I will never forget that most incredible moment.
We were also very lucky to have a couple of great snorkeling days with sea turtle sightings. At Makena beach at one point we were swimming with four turtles. I feel it is such a great privilege to be able to do this and I take very seriously that they are protected and this is their environment. But they seem to be such gracious hosts and don’t seem to mind these other clumsy creatures sharing the ocean with them.
Now I want to create a sea turtle piece!