I’m primarily a sculptor who fell in love with making jewelry. It’s a bit like the sparkly little sister. Designing and then carving, casting or fabrication, it’s all fun and exciting.
I currently live, love and create in Ojai California. I hope you enjoy looking though my website and feel free to contact me for information about my work or for purchase.
If you keep on scrolling down the page, you’ll be able to find out my current events and inspriations!

Come visit my open studio this weekend!

I would like to invite all of you to visit my studio this Saturday, April 13 from 10 am - 3 pm as part of Ojai Studio Artists free Second Saturday events. I have custom jewelry, sculptures and more. To download a map to my home as well as the other artists, go to the...

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Sticker Shock But Not Buyers Remorse

    Quartzsite and Tucson, What a fun trip! It was a learning experience being my first time because I didn’t really know where to go first or what is considered “a truly good price”.  But I guess you have to pay for an education one way or another....

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Gems and Bling Anticipation

  I’m finally doing it!!I’m so excited about my upcoming trip to the Gigantic Gem Shows in Quartzsite and Tucson. And I do mean Shows plural. If you do not yet know about it, and this is my pre-trip understanding, it is a convergence of many shows all taking...

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